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          Fenghua Feigu Kaiheng Sealing Engineering Co., Ltd. is founded in 1998. Now the company has about 170 employees, with professional middle and high-level technicians. The floor area of the factory is 23,612m2, and the building area is 10,000m2. We possess about 200 sets main producing and inspecting equipments.The products are divided into the following two classes:

          Ⅰ: Sealing material and silicon carbide sense 

          1) Reactive bonded silicon carbide

          1) Reactive bonded silicon carbide

          2) Ordinary-pressure self sintered silicon carbide

          3) Hig-carbon silicon carbide

          2 Tungsten carbide (hard alloy)

          3 Alumina ceramics

          4 Polyvinyl fluoride (PTEF: F4)

          5 Hot-pressed graphite and carbon-graphite

          6 The sealing ring, shaft sleeve, pipe, crucible, valve, nozzle, and spray head etc. in various specification.

          Ⅱ Full set of seals to machineries 

          1 Middle or light mechanical seals in conformity with ISO standards suitable to automobile's cooling pump, underwater pump, irrigation pump, oil pump, boiler's pump, marine pump, sump pump, and pump in chemical industry.

          2 Heavy mechanical seals used in the condition of high temperature, high pressure, or large diameter of axle.

          3 Mechanical seals suitable to pans and similar devices.

          4 Corrosion resisting seals suitable to special media with strong acid or base.

          5 Mechanical seals in lot

            The all seals mentioned above offer max diameter 300mm and min diameter 6mm.

            All our products are manufactured under professional productive technology and corresponding Chinese criteria or international standards. The professional QC takes conscientious charge in every step in course of working, which contains purchasing raw material. Formulation, die stamping, firing, first process, then second firing and fine process. That procedure also ensures qualitative unfinished products before they are transferred to next stage.

            Our "Feigu" seals have got a good notability in both home and abroad after over 20 year's perseverance of great efforts. High quality and reason able price bring about preference of vast users popularity among them. So far, they have been sold to the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Taiwan, Japan and other more than forty countries or regions.

            Sincerely welcome clients all over the world presence and we would appreciate your advice. Further more, we are looking for forward to doing business with you to advance further.


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